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Yashira Espinal

Hussian College of Art and Design

Medium: painting , illustration, graphic design

If ever there was someone who was chosen by Art it is Yashira. Raised in New York with English as a second language Yashira  first understood art from the mundane, the video games and cartoons and other media around them was all they needed to understand what art can be.


Anthony Romero

Tyler School of Art and Architecture

Medium: ceramics, sculpture

Anthony Romero is an up and coming Ceramics Artist who recently graduated from the Tyler of Art and Architecture School at Temple University. Even at a young age he has proven to be a master at his craft in a variety of ways, demonstrating his love for ceramics in several installations.


Claryse Monroe

Tyler Art of School

Medium: mixed media, acrylic, oil, glass, matte modeling paste,
clear tart gel

Drawn to the beauty of mechanical and industrial settings as well as the serene grace of a lonely waterfall, her muse lies within the beating heart of the city and the flourishing county side. Growing up for her was farms and open land, neighbors were distant and the bustling city was far out of mind. Even in this setting she found art in the lives of her parents, her mom always collected antiques trying her best to find uniqueness, her father gave her his love for comic books and fantasy.


Alfred Wilson

School of Architecture and Design, Philadelphia Community College

Medium: graphic design, painting

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Al grew up in a world of art. Philly is a city full of murals and museums and even more graffiti, so it could be said his first influence was the city itself. Growing up in a single family home His greatest advantage was a loving mother who let him be who he wanted. From a young age all his summer camps were hosted by museums and focused on art and he began to draw his favorite characters, re-creating those vibrant colors seen in the murals and in Anime like Dragon Ball Z.


Jordan Mannix

Tyler School of Art

Medium: drawing, woodworking, glass, clay, pen, pencil. acrylic painting. Conceptual artist, multimedia.

Jordan above all things is a builder of bridges. He was born in Thailand to a family of peace core activists who taught him to keep an open mind and learn to see the world from multiple perspectives. His first encounter with the art world was seeing the breathtaking temples in Asia where he learned about Hinduism and Buddhism and the beauty they created.