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Curio Custom Creations ("Curio") believes that original, timeless, and meaningful art doesn't have to sit in a museum - it belongs in your home.


Our goal is to help you create tailor-made art, with soul. Whether you want an avant-garde masterpiece for your own home, or you want to create an extraordinary gift for a friend, Curio is the white-glove concierge experience

for designing inspired art that makes you feel like a world class curator.


The vision for Curio is to empower people to be truly seen and heard through the experience of curating and designing original, custom art.


For customers, our vision is to provide a white glove service that allows them to feel like a seasoned collector, even if they have no experience with art.


For artists, our vision is to provide profitable opportunities and growth, including future scholarships and art guilds to improve education and working conditions for the artist community.


Curio's mission is to make inspiration accessible for all. In a world of mass produced- everything, we've lost touch with what unites us all at a soul-level:


meaning, beauty & art


By making the process to create and own original art easier, more secure, and way more fun than going down a rabbit hole on random online shops, Curio connects you with what matters most:


the ability to revolutionize your world.

Anthony's Story


Curio started as a dream for the future, and in that dream people hold objects in their home and those who made them in high esteem. To understand how something like this could even be imagined I need to tell you a bit about my life. I accidentally fell in love with ceramics in a high school elective, but I didn’t know then that it would become my life. I built a studio in my parents basement to practice ceramics “on the side” while I studied engineering. It felt like I was on the beach in the water and the current was pulling me out to sea. And, one night it did. I never looked back. Art is hope, it's a place where we see value in every one and thing around us. I feel as though my life is a mission to share this vision of hope and possibility with whoever will look and listen. And I know many other artists who feel and live this as well, and that's where Curio comes in. Custom projects have been a favorite of mine, but not until working with my brother, Oscar, on several of them did I realize how much value the work really brings to the people it's made for. We wanted to share this experience with other people. So, with Oscar’s 12+ years experience  in sales, and my custom art process, we decided to team up to recruit artists and begin a new company; Curio Custom Creations. 

Anthony Romero 

Art Director

(484) 941-3346

Oscar's Story


Curio began with a simple idea, “create a gift for a friend that will mean something to them.” The first thought was to find something original and unique for a friend, which I couldn't find at a large chain retailer. I have tried to find artists online before and have never had much luck, and with the ones I did the communication was bad and unreliable. So, I went to my brother, Anthony, who is an up and coming Philadelphia ceramic artist. He was able to walk me through a step by step process, and helped me turn my affection and care for my friend into a truly unique work of art! Seeing my idea come to life filled me with so much pride and joy. I couldn't wait to do it again. Anthony’s process was so fine tuned the project was somehow everything I imagined but colored with all the inspiration and experience Anthony had acquired throughout his career. It was then we decided that there must be more people out there who were looking for a better way to create soulful art without the hassle, so we created Curio Custom Creations. We hope to be able to provide all of our customers and artists the same amazing experience we had!

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